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What Are Dentures?

Dentures may be a good option if you need a convenient replacement solution for several or all of your teeth. Removable dentures can restore your smile and allow you to speak and eat with greater confidence. Our talented dental team is pleased to offer custom full and partial dentures to Cranston and Warwick, RI, patients who have suffered tooth loss. Full dentures replace your whole lower arch, upper arch, or both, while partial dentures use your remaining teeth as support. In a number of cases, dentures can also be attached to a set of implants placed in the jaw for enhanced stability and biting power. At Cranston Dental Group, we can help you determine whether dentures meet your tooth loss needs and custom-create your replacement teeth for a beautiful and natural-looking result. We also offer denture repair to address any damage and get you back to enjoying your smile. To explore your options for dentures in Cranston or Warwick, RI, please contact our team for a consultation.

Are You a Good Candidate for full or Partial Dentures?

You could be a good candidate for full or partial dentures if you are missing some or all of your teeth in one or both arches. Any remaining natural teeth can be removed for a full denture (if they are unhealthy) or kept in place to support a partial denture. Partial dentures will be constructed to blend evenly with the shade of your natural enamel and will anchor in place to the remaining teeth with metal or plastic clasps. Full dentures will cover the entire upper or lower arch and may be held in place with a small bit of adhesive. If you have solid and healthy jawbone tissue, you may be a candidate for implant-supported dentures, which are supported in the jaw much like natural tooth roots. During your consultation at Cranston Dental Group, we will assess your oral health and help you select a denture option that fits your budget and tooth replacement needs.

What Is the Denture Process?

To begin the denture process, our team will take an impression of your upper and lower arches for our lab to use when customizing your replacement teeth. Any nonrestorable teeth, or those that cannot be saved, may need to be extracted at this time. Our team will design your false teeth based on the shape of your mouth, facial profile, and cosmetic preferences for your smile. Modern dentures are made from a variety of high-quality metal, resin, and lightweight plastic materials and are designed to mimic the appearance of natural teeth and gums. When your dentures are ready, we will have you return to try them in or attach them to implants that were previously placed in the jaw.

How Can I Care for My Dentures?

Once your custom dentures are finished, we will adjust the fit — so they feel comfortable and secure and discuss methods to care for your replacement teeth. It may require some time before your new dentures feel comfortable and natural, but it should eventually be easier to speak and eat normally. You can care for your false teeth each day by brushing them after each meal and soaking them at night to keep them from drying out. Whether you wear full dentures or partial dentures, it is still important to keep up with routine dental visits at Cranston Dental Group. Our team will evaluate the health of any remaining teeth, the health of your gums and bone, and the condition of your tooth replacement. Please contact us right away for fast denture repair if your replacement teeth become damaged in any way.

Does Insurance Cover Dentures?

At Cranston Dental Group, we are dedicated to helping you find a tooth replacement solution that matches your budget and needs. If you have dental insurance, we will review your plan to understand your benefits and personal responsibilities and let you know if any portion of your full or partial dentures may be covered. Our practice accepts a range of convenient payment methods, including low-interest medical financing, to help you replace missing teeth while minimizing financial concerns.

Regain Your Confidence With Tooth Replacement

Regain your confidence to eat, speak and enjoy your smile with custom full or partial dentures from Cranston Dental Group! Our experienced dental practitioners are excited to offer modern dentures to Cranston and Warwick, RI patients, and can help you explore your options for tooth replacement. To learn to meet with a dentist who offers dentures near you, please contact our practice today and book your treatment consultation.

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