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What Is Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring is a common cosmetic periodontal procedure we perform to fix a gummy smile or reshape the look of an uneven gumline. A gummy smile occurs the gumline sits lower on the teeth, covering a larger portion of enamel and impacting the ratio of tooth-to-gum in the front of your mouth. At Cranston Dental Group, our talented team offers gum contouring (also known as a gum lift) to enhance the look of your smile by removing excess soft tissue and exposing more of the tooth surfaces. If you are bothered by the look of a gummy smile and are in the Cranston or Warwick, RI area, schedule an appointment with our skilled practitioners to learn more about cosmetic gum contouring and sculpting.

Ideal Candidates for Gum Contouring

Contouring the gums can give you a more attractive smile while also helping to improve your oral health. You could be a candidate for gum contouring and sculpting if you wish to bring balance to your smile by resolving a “gummy” appearance, uneven gum tissues, or the look of short teeth. An uneven gumline or gummy smile may be caused by excess gum tissues, genetics, or orthodontic treatment. Gum sculpting can help create a higher, more attractive gumline and could also improve your dental health by eliminating areas where bacteria may hide and cause infection.

What to Expect During Your Visit

Gum sculpting or contouring is performed in our office using a mild local anesthetic. Prior to the procedure, your teeth and gums will be cleared of any plaque or debris and dried. Our team will then use an advanced technique to gently remove excess gum tissue, which will create a higher gumline and reveal a wider smile. The gumline will be also carefully shaped and sculpted to frame each tooth within the smile zone for an attractive, balanced appearance. In many cases, gum contouring can be completed in a single office visit.

After Gummy Smile Treatment

Following your gum reshaping procedure, our team will explain aftercare instructions and provide tips on caring for your oral health as your gums heal. Your gums might be slightly tender for a few days; however, if you follow a good oral care routine at home of daily brushing and flossing, then your gum tissue should quickly recover. At each of your routine preventive care visits at Cranston Dental Group, our dental experts will monitor the health of your gums and help you maintain the appearance of your smile.

Will Insurance Cover Gum Contouring?

Since gum contouring is often considered a cosmetic dental procedure, it may not be covered under most insurance plans. However, we are dedicated to helping you get the care you need and want for your smile. Cranston Dental Group proudly accepts several payment methods and can help you apply for low-interest financing through CareCredit. Our business team will review your payment choices and help you select the ideal option to meet your needs and budget.

Gain a Confident, Attractive Smile

Gum contouring at Cranston Dental Group can be an excellent solution for several concerns: it can improve the overall appearance of your smile and may reduce your risk of oral diseases like gingivitis. If you would like to fix a gummy smile or transform an uneven gumline, gum sculpting might be a good choice for you. Contact our office in Cranston, RI to schedule your periodontal plastic surgery appointment and take the next step toward a confident, attractive smile!

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