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what is a tooth extraction?

Even though our team at Cranston Dental Group makes every effort to save and maintain a patient's natural teeth, there are cases when a tooth or teeth may need to be extracted to preserve oral health. A simple extraction removes a tooth that has fully erupted through the gums and can be easily removed without a surgical procedure. This is often needed for a tooth that is severely decayed, broken, or damaged beyond repair. No matter the reason for needing a tooth extraction, our skilled practitioners will work to remove the tooth in the most conservative way possible. If you live in or near the Cranston and Warwick, RI communities, contact our team to learn whether a tooth extraction is the best option for your needs.

who is a good candidate for tooth removal?

A simple tooth extraction is performed when a tooth requires removal and has fully erupted and can be lifted out of the socket without surgical assistance. Simple tooth extractions may be recommended for children, teens, and adults. Our comprehensive practice routinely provides tooth removal in cases of:

  • Advanced tooth decay
  • Severe bone loss
  • Extremely worn or broken teeth
  • Stubborn (retained) baby teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Tooth replacement with dental implants

If you or your family members have impacted wisdom teeth or teeth that may be more difficult to remove, a surgical tooth extraction may be necessary.

what should I expect during a tooth extraction? 

We perform tooth extractions in our modern, comfortable office under local anesthesia. Once your tooth and the surrounding tissue are numb, our team will start the procedure. It is common to feel pressure in the jaw during the procedure but you should not feel any discomfort. For a simple extraction, we will loosen the tooth from its socket using a special device called an elevator. Once the tooth is out, we will rinse the area and place gauze over the socket. Our clinical team will provide instructions on caring for your mouth as you heal. We can also discuss tooth replacement options if your procedure involves the removal of a functional tooth.

what should I expect after a dental extraction? 

While your gums heal, it is important that you avoid smoking, spitting, and using straws. The recovery process will depend on the complexity of your tooth extraction, but most patients prefer to eat soft, room-temperature food for the first couple of days following tooth removal. Cold compresses against the face and over-the-counter pain medication can alleviate post-treatment discomfort. In addition to any suggested follow-up visits, we encourage you to attend routine dental check-ups at Cranston Dental Group so that our practitioners can monitor your oral health following an extraction.

are tooth extractions covered by dental insurance?

At times, tooth extractions are an essential step in achieving oral health and are often covered in part by dental insurance plans. Prior to your procedure, we will call your insurance provider to check your benefits and estimate any out-of-pocket expenses. Cranston Dental Group is dedicated to providing affordable dental care solutions and accepts a wide range of payment options, including special financing through CareCredit.

enhance Your Oral Health

Losing a tooth is rarely the first choice for patients, but in some cases, a simple tooth extraction is the right treatment option to improve oral health. If you have advanced tooth decay, a broken tooth, or other dental concerns, please schedule a visit with our experienced team at Cranston Dental Group and learn about our tooth extraction and tooth replacement options.

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