Surgical Tooth Extractions in Cranston, RI

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What are Surgical Tooth Extractions?

Removing a tooth from your mouth may be an important step in maintaining a comfortable, healthy smile. Sometimes, teeth are impacted (trapped in gum or bone tissue), cause oral pain or damage, or become severely infected and require extraction. To help Cranston and Warwick, RI patients improve their oral health, we are pleased to offer surgical tooth extractions at our comprehensive family dental practice. Our skilled practitioners perform surgical tooth extractions with high-level precision and a gentle approach to preserve surrounding oral structures in the most conservative way. If you or your loved one has wisdom tooth pain or requires surgical removal of a tooth for other reasons, Cranston Dental Group would be proud to provide you with personalized tooth extraction care. Learn more about your oral surgery options by scheduling a visit with us today.

who is a good candidate for tooth removal?

A surgical tooth extraction may be required when a tooth needs to be removed but is firmly anchored in its socket, covered by the gums or bone, or must be taken out in pieces to preserve surrounding tissue. Patients who have impacted wisdom teeth are often candidates for surgical tooth extractions, as these teeth commonly lack adequate space to erupt properly. Wisdom teeth may be malpositioned, making them more difficult to clean and placing them at an increased risk for cavities and gum disease. Surgical tooth extractions may also be necessary in other cases, such as when a tooth breaks off during a simple extraction procedure and must be removed in pieces or in a dental emergency situation.

What should I expect during a tooth extraction?

At Cranston Dental Group, we take every measure to save a patient's natural tooth. But in some cases, tooth removal is the best treatment option. Rest assured, if you or a family member need surgical or wisdom teeth extractions, your comfort is our highest priority. We will start by numbing the tooth, gums, and surrounding tissue. When you're comfortable, our team will make an incision in the gums and remove your tooth in the most conservative way possible. We may place sutures to expedite healing and will position gauze over the extraction site. Our team will provide post-treatment instructions on caring for your mouth as you recover.

what should I expect after having teeth pulled?

For the first few days following surgical or wisdom tooth extractions, it is important to avoid using straws, spitting, and smoking. These activities may dislodge the clot that forms in the extraction site, which can cause an uncomfortable condition known as "dry socket." It's common to experience swelling in the jaw and soreness in the mouth. Our team may recommend alleviating these symptoms with cold compresses on the outside of the face and over-the-counter or prescription pain medication. We will also provide tips on maintaining your oral hygiene as you heal from your surgical tooth extraction. When you visit Cranston Dental Group for routine dental check-ups, we will monitor the health of your jaw and help you maintain a healthy, happy smile.

are tooth extractions covered by dental insurance?

Depending on the plan, a portion of a surgical or wisdom tooth extraction procedure may be covered by insurance. Our treatment coordinator will review your oral surgery benefits prior to your procedure and will inform you of any uncovered portion ahead of time. Cranston Dental Group is a proud provider of affordable full-service care and is pleased to accept a number of easy payment solutions, including low-interest healthcare financing through CareCredit.

save your smile and teeth today

When wisdom tooth pain, tooth impaction, or emergency dental issues affect your family's health, Cranston Dental Group is here to help. Our expert dental professionals have years of experience in preserving oral health and work quickly to restore health and wellness to our patients' lives. Contact our caring Cranston, RI team today to schedule your wisdom tooth removal or surgical tooth extraction consultation.

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