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what is a Dental Exam?

When it comes to oral health, early detection of dental concerns is essential to keeping your family's smiles healthy and happy. Our team at Cranston Dental Group routinely provides comprehensive dental exams to check for signs of oral cancer, periodontal (gum) disease, tooth decay (cavities), and more. When we diagnose oral conditions early, we can often provide more conservative care options with greater treatment success. Dental exams at our state-of-the-art practice include a thorough assessment of your teeth, jaw, gums, and oral hygiene and often include digital x-rays to gain better insight into the hidden problems that may be affecting your smile. If you live in or near Cranston or Warwick, RI, schedule a dental check-up for every member of your family with our caring, experienced team!

what happens during an Oral Cancer Screening?

Each dental examination at Cranston Dental Group includes an oral cancer screening and head and neck exam. Oral cancer can impact any area of the mouth or jaw, including the gums, jawbone, lips, throat area, hard palate, floor of the mouth, tongue, and salivary glands. During the exam, we will evaluate for unusual lesions, sores, red or white patches, bumps, nodules, and any other irregularities. Should we find any areas of concern, we may perform a biopsy or refer you to a specialist for further care.

who is a good candidate for a Dental Exam?

Patients of all ages should have dental check-ups (exams and cleanings) at least twice each year and as needed when dental emergencies arise. Some of the most common issues, like gum disease (the leading reason for tooth loss), may not have symptoms you can readily see. The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests that all children visit the dentist before their first birthday. At this initial appointment, we can talk about teething, thumb-sucking, baby bottle tooth decay, and other common problems that might affect your child's health. Our team can help you understand how to care for and clean your child's teeth and gums so they develop healthy habits early in life. Dental exams are also important for children as they grow and as their teeth, gums, and jaws develop.

What should I Expect During a dental checkup?

At the start of your visit, we will talk with you about any concerns you may have regarding your oral health and will review your medical and dental histories. We will also note any medications you're currently taking in your chart. We may take digital dental x-rays or perform an evaluation for gum disease at certain appointments. Our team will then conduct a thorough assessment of your soft tissues, screen for signs of oral cancer, and evaluate your neck, head, jaw, bite, and temporomandibular joints (TMJ). We will also examine any restorations or tooth replacements you have to check the fit and wear. Once your dental exam is complete, we will inform you of our findings and discuss options for any treatment needs.

what should I expect after a dental check?

After your dental exam, which typically occurs during your routine dental cleaning visit, our team will offer tips on how to best manage your oral hygiene between visits. Keeping up with a daily dental health regimen, including brushing at least three times each day and flossing daily, is very important for preserving the health of your teeth and gums and minimizing the risk of oral disease. We will also help you schedule your next dental check-up visit and any treatments recommended by our dental practitioners. While biannual dental check-ups are generally recommended, some patients may require more frequent exam visits, such as for emergency dental concerns.

does insurance cover dental exams? 

Comprehensive exams are essential preventive dental care and are typically covered by dental insurance. We can contact your insurance company to check your coverage and let you know of any potential personal expenses. For those who do not carry insurance, Cranston Dental Group accepts several payment options, including medical financing, to help ensure all patients can afford good dental health.

Protect the Future of Your Smile

Being proactive about your family's oral health and keeping up with routine dental check-ups at Cranston Dental Group can minimize your treatment needs over the long term. To schedule your family's dental exams, please contact our office today! Our team is pleased to offer comprehensive dental check-ups to help Cranston and Warwick, RI patients of all ages enjoy the advantages of a happy, healthy smile.

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