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what is 3D imaging?

Though digital oral x-rays may be able to capture two-dimensional images of your mouth and teeth, 3D oral imaging can provide a 360-degree panoramic view. This advanced digital imaging helps our skilled practitioners at Cranston Dental Group observe the extent of existing oral health conditions or possible damage involving the teeth, mouth, nerves, or jawbones. As modern technology, 3D dental imaging provides a three-dimensional blueprint of each patient's overall oral health, enabling a faster diagnostic process. It also allows us to more accurately determine individual oral health needs and plan for ideal treatment options. Using 3D oral imaging, we can help Cranston and Warwick, RI patients make more informed decisions pertaining to their dental health.

who is a good candidate for 3D dentaL Imaging?

Oral 3D imaging can be used to identify a large variety of dental issues for patients of any age. For kids, we use this technology to track developments and changes in dental and facial architecture and evaluate proper tooth eruption patterns. We can also employ it during orthodontic treatments to monitor tooth movement and jaw alignment and to evaluate for wisdom teeth extractions. Digital imaging is also highly beneficial when treating adults who may require dental implants, root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry treatments, or a range of other oral needs.

what should I expect during a CBCT x-ray?

Similar to dental x-rays, 3D imaging may be part of a routine dental examination, incorporated into a course of treatment, or used to evaluate a specific concern. The actual process is very similar to having an x-ray taken. However, with 3D imaging, the system will rotate 360-degrees around your head, capturing highly detailed images of your anatomy along the way. The entire process takes approximately 30 seconds for a complete mouth view. The 3D images then immediately upload to our computer for our dental experts to review. Since the imaging procedure can expose patients to low levels of radiation, women who are pregnant or who believe they could be pregnant should inform our team before undergoing digital imaging.

what should I expect after a 3D x-ray is completed?

Your 3D images will be filed in your digital patient chart. Once complete, our practitioners will review your 3D images with you and point out any areas that may benefit from treatment. These advanced scans can provide essential information about your dental health, such as the quality of bone surrounding your teeth and the precise positioning of nerves and other structures. Having this information heightens our diagnostic abilities and understanding of your dental needs, which allows us to plan and perform treatments with greater precision. While there might not be a set follow-up schedule for 3D oral imaging, our team may recommend further digital images as needed to plan for treatment or benefit your oral health.

does insurance cover 3D Oral Imaging? 

As a diagnostic service, 3D oral imaging may be covered by a number of dental insurance companies. Our billing specialist will contact your insurance company and provide an estimate of any potential uncovered expenses. To make advanced dental care affordable for all patients, Cranston Dental Group proudly accepts a wide range of convenient payment options and can help you apply for low-interest medical financing.

Precision Care for Your Smile

As leaders in advanced dental care, our team is proud to offer Cranston and Warwick, RI patients precision diagnostic services with 3D imaging techniques. This method of oral imaging is an effective way to discover and treat problems in the mouth, teeth, and jaw among patients of all ages. We invite you to schedule a visit to Cranston Dental Group today for more information on how 3D dental imaging could benefit your family's smiles.

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