Ten Techniques to Ward Off Dental Erosion

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Knowledge is necessary in the fight to keep cavities, gum disease, and other issues at bay, which is why our staff at Cranston Dental Group aims to teach prevention. When these major concerns impact your dental health, they’re usually harder to treat, expensive, and take a great deal of time. Excellent dental hygiene is the most vital factor for ensuring that your mouth is in its best shape. Our Cranston, RI team is pleased to provide you with a few proactive tips to help keep your teeth healthy, reliable, and radiant for the long term.

  • Schedule exams with your dentist twice a year. Routine oral cleanings and evaluations are needed when it comes to not only brushing your teeth but also assessing the condition of your dental health. Your dental health is based on knowing what’s going on in your mouth. At your consultation, your tooth surfaces will be brushed and polished, and your dentist will conduct a thorough evaluation of your teeth to identify potential complications. The quicker the oral issues are diagnosed, the faster treatment may take place.
  • Pay attention. Once you feel the indications of cavities, it’s necessary to meet with your dentist for an exam. Frequently, the initial sign of tooth decay is chronic tooth tenderness. You might experience an intense pain when you consume food or beverages that are cold or hot. As tooth decay advances, you could experience migraines, toothaches, dental yellowing, or holes.
  • Use sugarless gum. Numerous people don't know that sugar-free gum may help defense against tooth decay. Gum-chewing promotes extra saliva production. This is relevant because saliva is the primary agent in charge of both counteracting and washing away the acid from things we eat that can eventually wear away your teeth’s enamel, resulting in cavities.
  • Flossing is essential. Brushing on its own isn’t effective in making sure cavities are kept at bay. Flossing is a crucial step that several patients forget about. Flossing is able to target regions that toothbrushes can’t get to and also helps to remove objects lodged between the teeth. This simple habit is great at helping to reduce the likelihood of tooth decay.
  • Think about tooth sealants. Dental sealants are an excellent option for warding off tooth decay. Sealants are a supple material that is put on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, also called the premolars and molars. Tooth sealants can help to lower the patient's likelihood of cavities in these areas since the fissures on top of your molars can trap bacteria and cause them to be more vulnerable to tooth decay.
  • Use mouthwash. Mouthwash is vital as an extra protection against cavities. After brushing your teeth, you could use mouthwash to further reduce dangerous bacteria and plaque.
  • Eat and drink tooth-healthy items. The bacteria that cause dental caries love sugar contained in food and drinks. Sweet foods and drinks make it easier for cavities to fester. It's important to know the things you are consuming. After you have food or a beverage that contains a large amount of sugar, it's encouraged to clean your teeth immediately.
  • Have fluoride treatments for protection. Many dental practitioners suggest regular fluoride treatments for kids beginning at six until they’re out of their teen years. But in the event that an adult is prone to developing dental caries, a professional fluoride treatment could be very advantageous for their dental health. Our skilled dentists in Cranston, RI provide fluoride treatments and may recommend a prescription fluoride mouthwash and toothpaste to use in between cleanings.
  • Brush each day. Even though this may come across as obvious, cleaning your teeth twice daily with dentist-approved toothpaste is an effective method to avoid cavities. Try humming a song in your head while you clean your teeth for a minimum of two minutes.
  • Inform your kids. Children love to copy their parents' actions. In most cases, parents are the first ones to teach kids how to clean their teeth, so it’s vital to be a suitable example. Arranging regular cleanings is another way to teach children the significance of maintaining proper oral habits.

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If you need to arrange biannual professional cleanings and examinations for you and your family, please call our general care dentistry facility in Cranston, RI for your appointment. These essential and preventive visits can keep decay and other concerns from forming. As an additional advantage, you’ll surely enjoy how clean your teeth are following your professional cleanings. Our highly skilled dental practitioners will help you to feel relaxed and explain the treatment program in detail. Our staff is eager to see you at Cranston Dental Group.

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