How to Know When You Need to Visit a Dental Practitioner for a Crown

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Experiencing oral pain could hurt your oral wellness and be caused by several issues. At a dental examination at Cranston Dental Group, our Cranston, RI dentists will assess your teeth and gums to determine if you require a crown. A ceramic crown is given when there is decay in a tooth and there isn’t enough native tooth left for it to function properly. Additionally, crowns might treat a chipped tooth, after root canal therapy, and to wrap up dental implants. Dental crowns defend the remaining region of the enamel from receiving damage and keep your bite intact.

About dental crowns

Placing a crown takes at least two visits to our Cranston, RI dental care center. During your initial appointment, our team will take x-rays of your oral structures and look at the tooth requiring treatment and the nearby teeth to ensure you have sufficient bone tissue to secure the dental crown in position. If we identify major tooth decay, we might suggest root canal therapy. After your exam, our staff will get an impression of your tooth so that a custom-made crown can be fitted for proper placement. An interim crown is made and placed until you arrive for your second session. A member of our team will then take off your short-term restoration, clean your tooth, and fit your crown in place at this visit.

Cases that may call for a dental crown

Our dentists help Cranston, RI individuals at Cranston Dental Group determine if a dental crown is necessary for their oral wellness. There are a number of possible signs that you could need a crown, including:

  • Injuring the enamel
  • Requiring a bridge
  • Nighttime teeth grinding
  • Having a major carie

Dental crown longevity

Porcelain crowns aren't supposed to last for good since restorations will accrue damage throughout the years. Although, if you utilize adequate dental hygiene, they may last several years. To enable your crown to last, it needs to fit well, which is the reason why we offer a digital scan during your final appointment. A consistent home-based oral hygiene routine that includes frequent toothbrushing and flossing, yearly dental evaluations, and biannual cleanings can help your crown stay in good condition for as many as two decades.

Learn how a crown can renew your dental wellness

Getting in control of your dental wellness is the most important step to attaining a glowing, more luminous smile. At Cranston Dental Group, our dentist provides people with crowns for different dental situations. After a yearly assessment, we can find out if a ceramic crown might benefit your overall wellness. To set up a checkup and discover if you require a crown, reach out to our dental center in Cranston, RI as soon as possible.

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