Indications to Understand When a Lost Oral Filling is a Dental Concern

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Fixing a damaged dental filling is never fun. If a filling comes loose, it's generally not considered an emergency. But it's important to visit a dentist promptly, as the cavity can occur in the area that was under the filling, causing more serious concerns.

Injured teeth or oral problems that are ignored could detrimentally influence an individual's total dental health. At Cranston Dental Group, our professional dentists can help resolve your pain at our esteemed dental practice in Cranston, RI. Read on to discover more on the right time to seek emergency dental treatment for a dislodged dental filling.

Ways to know when you're having a dental emergency

For most people, a dental emergency could be classified as any instance that comprises facial bone trauma, unmanageable bleeding, and more. Major dental care issues require rapid attention. Here are several common oral emergencies:

  • An abscessed tooth
  • A jawline injury
  • Fracture to the gums
  • Missing teeth
  • Dislodged filling

About tooth fillings

Dental fillings are offered to restore tooth material lost to cavities. To treat tooth decay, our Cranston, RI professionals will remove the affected region of the tooth and cover the hole with a dental filling. Dental fillings may also be used to repair chipped teeth and teeth that have been damaged by teeth grinding or other habits. After we eradicate the decay and clear the hole, the tooth filling can be applied. Once the application process is complete, our professionals will shave off any unwanted resin and cleanse your restoration.

Contact our Cranston, RI office if you have an emergency

Tooth fillings are incredibly reliable and might last a long time. However, life happens. It's not uncommon for a filling to pop out due to everyday wear and tear. In the event that you're suffering from this commonplace oral concern, you should seek help as soon as you can. When you fail to, it can cause more severe problems. The exact same bacteria that resulted in your cavity may work its way into the gap left by a chipped filling, causing further erosion within your tooth. There is no way to care for a fractured dental filling on your own. However, you can do a few remedies at home to ease any pain before reaching out for professional help.

At Cranston Dental Group, our dentists leave time in their schedule for emergencies, such as broken tooth fillings. When our practice is closed, carefully listen to our advice to find out steps you can take for immediate dental care. If you have a dental problem or loose dental filling, reach out to our staff in Cranston, RI for assistance.

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