How Often Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

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When you are seeking practical techniques to improve the appearance of your smile, teeth lightening is a terrific choice. If you're searching for cosmetic oral treatments in Cranston, RI, our team at Cranston Dental Group can check your mouth and offer our expert advice. We perform both dentist-performed and home-based teeth lightening alternatives for patients. Achieving a whiter and lighter smile isn’t difficult with the help of our professional teeth whitening treatments.

How frequently should I bleach my teeth?

Ultimately, this will differ by each patient. Our professionals typically suggest one professionally administered teeth bleaching session every year with subsequent at-home whitening sessions in the interim. However, each patient will follow a customized whitening plan depending on their present dental health and the shade of their teeth. During an initial consultation, our cosmetic dental practitioner can supply more details in reference to your dental wellness.

Is teeth bleaching safe for your smile?

Teeth lightening is generally safe, as per the ADA. At Cranston Dental Group, many patients at our Cranston, RI location have seen a variety of benefits of using teeth whitening. Patients will obtain apparent results with our professional teeth bleaching service. Your unique experience will differ based on your objectives for your teeth, which we will discuss during your cosmetic dental consultation. Although at-home teeth lightening is safe and effective, it isn't as powerful as our in-office teeth brightening treatment, which brightens your teeth by up to eight shades in just one hour.

Best teeth bleaching treatments

Cranston Dental Group offers two different kinds of teeth bleaching services, which include:

  • Take-home teeth lightening: This teeth bleaching system is taken home. We supply you with a medical-grade teeth brightening system with custom oral trays. To allow you to attain the vibrant smile you're looking for, you will be supplied with a hydrogen peroxide gel based on your present exterior tooth hue. Our team can give you thorough instructions to ensure you attain your best possible results.
  • In-office teeth brightening: We perform Zoom! WhiteSpeed teeth whitening at our Cranston, RI practice. In only one appointment, we can brighten your smile by as far as eight shades. During this process, our dentist takes care to shield the gum tissues so that they aren’t damaged during the process. Then, a specially formulated gel is applied to the teeth, which works by using our oral LED light. This process is readministered in 15-minute sessions. Dentist-administered teeth brightening offers much more rapid results than an at-home teeth whitening approach.

Best way to maintain white teeth

Maintaining your white smile isn’t hard. Periodic dental appointments, along with an effective dental health routine, will help maintain a healthy smile. In the event that you are having food and drinks that are known to stain the teeth, always wash your mouth with water as soon as you finish eating. Employing a straw will typically stop discoloration from forming on the tooth surface, as well.

Effects of whitening teeth too much

If you whiten your smile too frequently, you may experience a degree of tooth discomfort or pain. In harsh situations, you might experience inflamed or red gums as a reaction to the whitening product, which includes peroxide. When a person whitens their teeth too often, they might also have eroding of the tooth exterior, which can result in uncomfortable nerve damage.

Discover more about the top teeth whitening options in Cranston, RI

Teeth whitening is an elective dentistry treatment used to improve a smile that is yellow or stained. Our staff at Cranston Dental Group uses teeth bleaching to safely and powerfully lighten the tone of a patient’s current tooth surface. After a comprehensive oral exam, we can identify whether or not teeth bleaching would be a viable option for you. Additional necessary dentistry procedures must be performed prior to teeth bleaching. By having in-office teeth whitening, you can attain the smile you dream of. To learn more about smile makeover treatments, we invite you to contact our experienced team in Cranston, RI to make an appointment.

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