6 Reasons to Consider a Visit With Your Emergency Dentist

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Tooth pain or a broken restoration are scary situations for most people. It is also hard to decide whether you need an emergency dental appointment. It’s better to check with a general dentist instead of ignoring your issue. Otherwise, the problem could become much worse. At Cranston Dental Group, we can provide comprehensive information about dental distress. Contact Dr. David Mastrostefano or a member of our team and learn whether you need emergency treatment in Cranston, RI.

What is a dental emergency?

Not all dental issues are considered an emergency. For example, bleeding gums when brushing your teeth may be an indicator of early gum disease. However, it does not require immediate medical attention. Dental emergencies are issues that need urgent treatment to stop excess bleeding, persistent swelling, and severe pain. The professionals at Cranston Dental Group are equipped to handle the following dental emergencies below.

1. Broken or knocked-out tooth

Traumatic situations like sports injuries and car accidents can seriously damage your teeth. This can cause bleeding and quite a lot of pain. If your tooth is knocked out, rinse the area and try to place the tooth back in the socket. You can also set it in a small container with water until you can schedule an emergency appointment. Do not touch or handle the tooth root.

2. Broken or missing restoration

It’s easy to feel when a crown or filling becomes loose. You may feel the looseness with your tongue or have the taste of pennies in your mouth. Because restorations are important for the health of your teeth and gums, contact our office right away. Waiting too long could mean you need a more invasive treatment later on.

3. Unexplained severe tooth pain

There are many reasons why someone would experience tooth pain. Even though dental discomfort is not necessarily a dental emergency, severe pain might indicate an advanced cavity or infected tooth. If tooth pain is bad enough to prevent you from participating in daily activities, call an emergency dentist in Cranston, RI.

4. Bleeding gums

As we mentioned, it is common for gums to bleed every once in a while, especially if you have some plaque buildup or gum disease. It is important to meet with a general dentist if this is the case. Patients should schedule an emergency appointment, however, if the bleeding is excessive or caused by trauma.

5. Abscessed tooth

A dental abscess is an infection around your tooth. This means you may have some pus in the infected area, rotten odors, or a fever. An emergency dentist needs to treat the infection as soon as possible before it spreads throughout your body. Cranston Dental Group can also offer pain relievers if the abscessed tooth is causing pain.

6. Swollen jaw or mouth

It’s not normal for your jaw to swell for no apparent reason. Sudden inflammation could be caused by swollen lymph nodes or an infection of your mouth or jaw. Because there is no effective way to know on your own, it’s best to come in for an emergency dental appointment. Our office can treat the root cause of the problem and offer ways for swelling to subside.

Visit an emergency dentist

A dental emergency can occur at any moment. Dr. David Mastrostefano works hard to make sure that each patient receives the care they need, no matter the issue. We encourage all of our patients to contact Cranston Dental Group if they experience tooth pain, excess bleeding, or any of the above symptoms. Learn more about our services by scheduling an appointment in Cranston, RI today.

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