5 Effective Dental Procedures That Serve to Help Create a Healthy Smile

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Most Cranston, RI patients think of seeing the dentist as mere comprehensive exams and teeth cleanings. Nevertheless, there are countless options offered these days that can target cosmetic concerns, such as tooth yellowing, uneven teeth, gaps, and more. In addition to leaving your dentist's facility with cleaner teeth, you can also acquire a bright smile. Our dental professionals at Cranston Dental Group provide several beneficial procedures to address multiple aesthetic problems.

Customized smile makeover

A personalized smile makeover is made up of at least two or three restorative and cosmetic dentistry solutions that will transform your teeth. Some of the treatments included in this personalized makeover are teeth bleaching, bonding and contouring, replacing old fillings, teeth straightening, or veneers. Your smile makeover is crafted based on your one-of-a-kind requirements. Aesthetic dentistry has progressed a great deal in the last few years, and a customized smile makeover has been shown to be remarkable for so many patients.

Dental bonding and contouring with resin

Bonding and contouring with tooth-colored resin is a suitable solution for patients who want to improve broken or yellowed teeth while not needing to receive an intensive oral procedure. This easy treatment necessitates the adhesion of tooth-colored resin to the affected teeth to cover up problem areas. Cosmetic bonding can fix spaces between the teeth and also add length to the teeth to provide a more even appearance.

Teeth lightening

Teeth whitening is an overwhelmingly sought-after procedure by men and women at our Cranston, RI dental practice. This procedure rapidly transforms your smile, making it more radiant. A large number of patients want this procedure when they have unwanted yellowing throughout their teeth because of smoking or drinking coffee or wine. Your dentist will figure out the method that will be better for you depending on the level of discoloration, as well as the condition of your smile.

Contemporary fillings

An efficient substitute for old metal fillings is fillings with resin. These are the type of fillings that the dentists at Cranston Dental Group opt to use to improve the teeth and seal cavities. Composite fillings are made from advanced materials and are better options. In addition to these benefits, they are matched to the shade of your other teeth and blend in better. In the event that you have to get a filling replaced, or if you want to get rid of your old silver ones, fillings with tooth-colored resin are a safe solution to consider.

Porcelain veneers

Just after one session alone, dental veneers may enhance all smiles. Our Cranston, RI dentists prefer to use porcelain veneers as opposed to resin because porcelain is more resistant to staining and is long-lasting. The procedure approach to applying cosmetic veneers involves the dentist removing a thin layer of enamel from your native teeth. The veneers are then strategically set on the teeth. The completed outcome is a gorgeous, clear, balanced smile that conceals many of your former dental irregularities.

Learn which treatments can improve the look of your smile

If you want to learn more about how advanced cosmetic dental procedures could help you, call our Cranston, RI practice to arrange an exam. You will get to meet with a member of our team who will ascertain your dental concerns, determine if you’re a good candidate for a certain treatment, and create a unique treatment plan so you can receive the smile you want. Our professionals can't wait to meet with you and provide you with countless reasons to smile proudly.

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