5 Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Our professionals at the Cranston Dental Group in Cranston, RI love helping our clients get the smiles they’ve always wanted. But cosmetic dentistry is about more than producing a visually appealing look to your teeth. Some of our cosmetic dentistry procedures include porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, dental bonding or contouring, or a total smile makeover. Here are five unique benefits of cosmetic dentistry for you to explore.

Cosmetic dentistry helps you improve your bite

People with misshapen or missing teeth will not have a proper bite. An uneven bite will cause a person to bite down harder in some places when eating. The teeth may also be improperly balanced when biting, causing jaw and tooth pain. But a cosmetic procedure that can reshape or fill in the faults in your bite will restore the structure and make it easier for the person to consume food. The rest of the teeth won’t experience excess pain or stress when the bite is whole and healthy.

You could save money on more serious dental procedures

Sometimes a chip in your teeth or a small gap can result in further dental harm. The chip or opening might cause other teeth to become exposed, and some may also become improperly aligned. Cosmetic treatment can fill in any gaps or other imperfections and prevent those teeth from being at risk. Your teeth will not be likely to develop as much bacteria, plus they will not become misaligned. You could save money by not having to worry about tooth extraction or other potentially expensive dental procedures when you prevent them through a cosmetic service.

Cosmetic solutions can last longer than you expect

You don’t have to worry about getting a touchup on your cosmetic dentistry procedure here at the Cranston Dental Group in Cranston, RI. Many cosmetic treatments can last for ten to fifteen years on average. The timeframe will be even longer with proper at-home maintenance.

The recovery time is minimal

The recovery process for cosmetic treatment is shorter than many surgical processes. The timeframe can be about one to three days in most situations. The timing will vary by process, but you’ll find your teeth will respond well to treatment. The effort you’ll require for recovering will also be minimal, as you will likely adjust your diet for a few days after the service. The odds of you requiring medication for the recovery are minimal.

You will feel more confident about yourself

People who are missing teeth or have significant imperfections are often ashamed to go out in public. They may not want to talk with others, or they might be afraid of how they will be judged because their smile doesn’t look their best. Cosmetic dental services can keep these people from feeling worried or frustrated about what they will look like when out in public.

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Ask general dentist Dr. David Mastrostefano and the rest of the team the Cranston Dental Group in Cranston, RI for further details on how you can benefit from cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry provides many ways for you to feel better about your teeth, with many of these being more enjoyable and beneficial for your life than you might expect. Schedule an appointment today to see how we can help fix your smile.

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